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David Newman

Further to my first post (above) this is to inform everyone that <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>the deadline for placing an order for mountboard (or anything else from the Wessex Pictures’ catalogue / website) will be Friday February 10th,</span> which should provide ample time for everyone to decide what they need.

<span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Please also note that anyone wanting to order something, who then fails to place an order by the February 10th deadline will have missed the boat, as I will not be placing any further orders during this club year.</span>

I will track all requests in a spreadsheet, from which I can calculate the cost of what each individual has ordered. I’ll endeavour to publish this as a PDF once I’ve placed our order.

Don’t forget, the more we buy, the cheaper it will be for everyone. We need to spend a minimum of £75 (ex VAT) to qualify for free delivery, which based on previous experience, should easily be exceeded.

Once the order’s been placed and I have confirmation of a delivery date (to my house) I’ll then advise members of the club night date upon which I shall be bringing the goods into club for collection by all concerned.

Since neither I nor the club have long term storage facilities, those placing orders will need to be present on the relevant club night (TBA) to collect their board or make arrangements for it to be collected on their behalf. Although in theory, there might be an option to collect your items from my house after I’ve  taken delivery, please be aware that I live in Epsom, which is at least 30 minutes drive from Croydon.

For ease of reference, please find listed below all the colours available within the Wessex Low Cost mountboard range, together with their respective item codes.

WCM 600 White

WCM 601 Antique White

WCM 602 Textured Polar White

WCM 610 Black

WCM 611 Champagne

WCM 643 Dark Green

WCM 648 Red

WCM 655 Mid Green

WCM 662 Bright White

WCM 666 Dark Blue

WCM 686 Cotton White

WCM 694 Textured Antique White

WCM 697 Textured White

WCM 699 Pale Ivory


Dave Newman