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Yes. To reiterate what Frank said, ‘get to know your camera’! Stupidly left camera on Auto ISO before realising. I’d also say that a fast, wide lens is essential. I had a 24mm which converts to a 35mm (approx) on a full frame and I struggled to get the lighthouse and Milky Way in my shot (see our FB page) or even good pics of the general night sky. The lens was also F4, which, I think wasn’t wide enough. I also think, though this could just me my ( and Nikon’s) problem, that my APS-C Z50’s ability at high ISOs wasn’t great so I’d be interested to know if anyone else has problems or good photos using APS-C size sensors. Note that I haven’t got any fancy software so my image has only been amended in ACR.

But despite all that, the fun thing was we went out as a group and had a great, if very tiring, time.