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Hi Ron, as a record shot I think it achieves the aim! The uprights are good, the exposure is ok, from this size image the colour and sharpness look fine.

If I was approaching it from the point of view of competition entry, I would maybe try and isolate a feature of the building, or look for pattern repetition.

While the people provide scale they are a distraction from the main subject (the building) and tip the balance of the picture, a slow shutter speed would have stopped them being recorded in the scene. I don’t think that you need so much of the foreground as there’s nothing of interest there.

The Eye’s position in the frame bothers me, while it occupies the centre , the way the clock tower cuts through it jars.

It’s a cloudy day (not a lot you can do about that!) so the lighting is a little flat, to me this would look more interesting with some side light.

I hope this is of some help!