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    Paul Heester

    We have been approached by a Croydon resident that they are looking to sell the below equipment. Anyone interested please contact me and I can send the contact details to you.


    1.  Sanderson 5 x 4 Plate Camera in original case with 5 plates.

    2.  Eumig 880 PMA Cine Camera

    3.  Thornton-Pickard Camera…? May be part camera or ??? I have no real idea.

    4.  Konica C35 AF – given to me (and I used it) many years ago by supplier to US troops in Germany in 1970s and claimed to be the first auto-focus camera. No doubt many more were made and sold…

    5.  Norisound 112 Projector

    6.  Boots slide projector Q1 Auto Turbo

    7.  Kodak Eastman – Baby Brownie…?

    8.  Praktica LTL – 49mm lens

    9.  Halina 260 – 33mm lens

    10..  Ricoh 500 G – 46mm lens

    11.  Olympus Trip AF-5-2

    12.  Canon Sureshot AF-7

    13.  Kodak EasyShare C530 PLUS Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3 etc

    14.  Olympus PEN

    Paul Heester

    In addition to this list Ive received a request to offer a “Canon 750 camera and a special lens” to the club. So if anyone is interested then please contact me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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