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    David Newman

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><span style=”color: #ff0000;”>For the attention of ALL members</span></span>


    I’ve been asked to organise a bulk purchase of mountboard on behalf of club members.  We normally purchase this from Wessex Pictures Ltd. As Wessex is a wholesaler that doesn’t sell directly to the public, the prices we’re able to obtain through the club’s account are far lower than might be available on the high street. So participation is worthwhile for everyone who’ll be entering prints into this season’s competitions and beyond.


    Wessex “Low Cost White Core” mountboard is what the club has always used in the past.  Although it’s offered in only a limited range of colours (compared to Daler Rowney products) and in size A0 (120cms x 81.5 cms) only, it’s nevertheless always been of good quality and the colour range offered is normally perfectly adequate for club requirements.


    In terms of price, at £5.94 per A0 sheet inc VAT (assuming a minimum pack size of 5) it compares well with the cost of Daler Rowney mountboard, at £9.06 per sheet (also supplied by Wessex along with boards from other manyfacturers) , which is the brand most commonly available in high street art supplies shops and “Hobbycraft” superstores etc.  One A0 sheet is sufficient to produce four standard 40cm x 50cm mounts.


    Whilst the Wessex mountboard starts at £5.94 (£4.95+VAT) per A0 sheet,  discounts are available for volume purchases of the same colour, so £5.95 per sheet will be the maximum price that anyone will pay. As we have to order in multiples of 5 for each colour we order, I might need to adjust orders to achieve the number necessary to hit the most beneficial discounted rate. However, any such alterations will be kept to a minimum and I will keep members informed if order amendments become necessary. The following link to the Wessex Pictures website shows which colours are available, but the most usual requests are for “White”, “Antique White” and “Black” – https://www.wessexpictures.com/wessex_l … oards.html.

    Backing board (Nubord) is also available in two thicknesses, 1.8 mm and 2.3 mm. I’m reliably informed that the thinner of the two is more than adequate to stiffen prints and is slightly cheaper than Mountboard, at £5.46 (£4.55+VAT) per sheet.  There is a bulk purchase discount if we order 50 sheets or more.  http://www.wessexpictures.com/NuBord.html.


    However, whilst “Nubord”  is extremely tough, it can be difficult to cut. So in previous years, I understand that some members tried using Wessex “Pulp Board”, which is thinner and easier to work with. However, whilst it won’t stiffen mounts to the same degree as Nubord, it will still provide adequate protection. The other advantage is that Pulpboard is a lot cheaper than NuBord, at £1.92 (£1-60 + VAT) per sheet. Again, there is a bulk purchase discount if we order 50 sheets or more.

    For anyone who wants tape, the most usual items are:

    Brown masking tape in 50 meter rolls  (NB “Craft Tape” would probably be a more accurate description than “Masking Tape” – but “Masking Tape” is the description used by Wessex in their literature and on their website)  (http://www.wessexpictures.com/product576.html):

    • 1″ – £2.33 (£1.94+VAT)
    • 1.5″ – £3.46 (£2.88+VAT)
    • 2″ – £4.32 (£3.60+VAT)

    Double sided tape in 50 meter rolls (http://www.wessexpictures.com/product584.html):

    • 1/4″ – £3.24 (£2.70+VAT)
    • 1/2″ – £4.62 (£3-85+VAT)

    A 10% discount is available for orders of 5 or more of the same type of tape.

    Whilst Wessex Pictures doesn’t sell directly to the public, as part of this order I can obtain any other item shown on their website. If you’d like to know the price for a particular item not mentioned above, please post a request on the forum with the Wessex Pictures’ reference number and I’ll find out for you.


    Mike Farley has suggested an alternative mountboard supplier based in Leicester, called Paper Spectrum, which supplies mountboards pre-cut to 50cm x 40cm, in packs of 10, which no doubt some members might find more convenient. The cost per pack of ten for standard whitecore mountboard (in the most popular colours of “Ice White”, “Antique White” and “Black”) starts at £15.83 (inc VAT).  This works out to just under £1.00 more expensive than purchasing from Wessex (e.g. 2.5 Wessex A0 boards, equating to ten 40 x 50 mounts, works out to £14.85).


    We don’t currently have an account with Paper Spectrum and as such I don’t know what discounts might be available for bulk orders, or whether it might be possible to secure a free delivery in the event of a large enough order – the cheapest delivery charge shown on the Paper Spectrum website is:-Economy Delivery – up to 5 days UK deliveries to England, Wales, Scotland  – £4.96 (£4.13 + VAT) .


    <span style=”text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;”>To be absolutely clear, I have no intention of dealing with 2 separate suppliers for Mountboard because this would introduce far more complexity that I’m willing to accept. I will therefore be dealing with Wessex Pictures only on this occasion.</span>


    However, the link below will allow you to take a look at the Paper Spectrum offering across a range of products, thus allowing you to place orders independently if you so wish.




    If, over time, sufficient members appear to prefer the Paper Spectrum offering, then I might be persuaded to deal with them in future (if I’m still Chairman!).  <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>However, for the moment, I shall be sticking with our usual supplier.</span>


    <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>SO – What Happens Next?  Please see following post.</span>


    Hi David

    I would like 5 Low cost white core Textured Antique White WCM694 and 5 Box board BB1 and if anyone orders 1 Dark Green WCM643.

    I can increase the order if required.


    David Newman

    Further to my first post (above) this is to inform everyone that <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>the deadline for placing an order for mountboard (or anything else from the Wessex Pictures’ catalogue / website) will be Friday February 10th,</span> which should provide ample time for everyone to decide what they need.

    <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Please also note that anyone wanting to order something, who then fails to place an order by the February 10th deadline will have missed the boat, as I will not be placing any further orders during this club year.</span>

    I will track all requests in a spreadsheet, from which I can calculate the cost of what each individual has ordered. I’ll endeavour to publish this as a PDF once I’ve placed our order.

    Don’t forget, the more we buy, the cheaper it will be for everyone. We need to spend a minimum of £75 (ex VAT) to qualify for free delivery, which based on previous experience, should easily be exceeded.

    Once the order’s been placed and I have confirmation of a delivery date (to my house) I’ll then advise members of the club night date upon which I shall be bringing the goods into club for collection by all concerned.

    Since neither I nor the club have long term storage facilities, those placing orders will need to be present on the relevant club night (TBA) to collect their board or make arrangements for it to be collected on their behalf. Although in theory, there might be an option to collect your items from my house after I’ve  taken delivery, please be aware that I live in Epsom, which is at least 30 minutes drive from Croydon.

    For ease of reference, please find listed below all the colours available within the Wessex Low Cost mountboard range, together with their respective item codes.

    WCM 600 White

    WCM 601 Antique White

    WCM 602 Textured Polar White

    WCM 610 Black

    WCM 611 Champagne

    WCM 643 Dark Green

    WCM 648 Red

    WCM 655 Mid Green

    WCM 662 Bright White

    WCM 666 Dark Blue

    WCM 686 Cotton White

    WCM 694 Textured Antique White

    WCM 697 Textured White

    WCM 699 Pale Ivory


    Dave Newman


    Hi David,

    If you are willing, could you add these to your order for me, please?

    Britannia Black Core :     Colour Smooth Black       BLK221
    2 boards  815mm x 1200mm

    Daler   Xtra-Tak  Self adhesive board      302/214/000
    3 Boards

    Tape:   1.5 inch      1 roll


    If this adds too much complication for your order, then forget it, as I can survive (probably).

    I’m aware that these boards are silly-expensive.


    On a more helpful note ….. can I mention that I have a large cutting board and a heavy duty guillotine which make it much easier (and safer) to cut the boards accurately to the standard print-mount size.  I’m happy for you or any member to make use of them.




    Hi David

    Please can you order 4 x Antique White mountboard and 4 x Black Mountboard for me.

    I can increase this order if you need to add more.

    Thank you


    David Beard


    I don’t know how long I will be entering into the Print rounds but I will cover 2022/23 and 2023/24:

    Please order for me:

    2 x WCM601 Antique White

    6 x WCM666 Dark Blue

    2 x Tape 1inch

    (alternative colour cards in order of preference: WCM643 Dark Green; WCM610 Black)

    I have a virtually unused double-sided tape if anyone is interested!




    Hi David,

    Thank you for arranging an order.

    Can I please order:

    2 sheets of WCM 610 Black

    3 sheets of pulp backing board

    2 rolls of 1″ masking tape.



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